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  • Quick (15-20 minute) recovery of ultra-pure DNA from TAE or TBE-buffered agarose gels
  • DNA is eluted at high concentrations into minimal volumes (≥ 6µl) with no wash residue carryover
  • Eluted DNA is well suited for any dowstream application such as sequencing, ligation, PCR, labeling, restriction endonuclease digestions...
  • Omits the use of glass beads, organic denaturants, and proteinases
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Comparative Overview: Benchmarking
  Zymo Research
Qiagen Invitrogen
Product Zymoclean Gel DNA Recovery Kit MinElute Gel Extraction Kit Purelink™
Method Spin Column Spin Column Spin Column
Minimal Elution Vol.  6 µl  10 µl  30 µl
DNA Bind-ing Capac.  5 µg  5µg  15 µg
% Recovery <10kb: 70-90%
>10kb: 50-70%
80% 80%
Size Range 50bp-23kb 70bp-4kb 40bp-10kb
Time 10 min 18-20 min 30 min
CHF/prep 2.09 CHF 3.57 CHF 2.50 CHF
Cat# Product Preps CHF
D4001S Zymoclean Gel DNA Recovery Sample Kit, Uncapped 10 free
D4001 Zymoclean Gel DNA Recovery Kit, Uncapped 50 120.00
D4002 200 418.00
D4007 Zymoclean Gel DNA Recovery Kit, Capped 50 120.00
D4008 200 436.00
D4021 ZR-96 Zymoclean Gel DNA Recovery Kit 2x96 330.00
D4022 4x96 630.00
D4045 Zymoclean Large Fragment DNA Recovery Kit 25 110.00
D4046 100 382.00
Bacterial Culture Media

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Comparative Overview: Benchmarking
Difco Fisher- brand
LB Broth Miller
76.00 CHF 181.00 CHF 88.20 CHF
LB Broth
Lennox (500g)
85.00 CHF 164.00 CHF 107.00 CHF
119.00 CHF 214.75 CHF -
76.00 CHF 293.00 CHF 93.70 CHF
Yeast Growth Media: Select the Right One!
Drop-out Media (Defined)
Yeast Nitrogen Base (YNB) is a base medium for preparation of minimal and synthetic defined yeast media, so-called drop-out media, by addition of ammonium sulfate and selected amino acids and nucleosides. These defined, drop-out media are useful for confirming a strain's phenotype, selecting yeast transformants, and culturing the organism:
Undefined Media
  • YPD medium (peptone, dextrose + yeast extract). YPDA is YPD + adenine hemisulfate for faster growth and higher saturation densities. Not suitable for studying auxotrophs but can be used for growing most S. cerevisiae strains. 8 Pricing
  • YEP is YPD without dextrose, so the carbon source can be chosen by the user. 8 Pricing
  • YE medium (yeast extract + dextrose) inhibits sporulation and conjugation in S. pombe. 8 Pricing
  • YES (YE + amino acid + nucleoside supplements) is a complete S. pombe growth medium. 8 Pricing
Edinburgh Minimal Medium
Edinburgh Minimal Medium contains glucose, salts, vitamins and minerals. It is an S. pombe medium also used for vegetative growth. With low glucose, it is used for yeast transformations. 8 Pricing
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