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What is it?
BSA, Ovalbumin or Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (KLH) stimulate a large immune response and are typically used as carrier proteins to generate antibodies against small antigens (peptides or organic compounds). For success the antigen (normally referred to as a hapten) needs to be covalently linked to the carrier protein.

How it works
The imm-Link™ immunogen kits allow peptides and small molecules (Hapten) to be conjugated to a carrier protein (BSA, ovalbumin and KLH) simply by adding a solution of the hapten to a proprietary lyophilised mixture containing the carrier protein and all the required conjugation chemistry.

Hands-on time for the conjugation: Only 20-30 seconds!

Following successful conjugation the conjugate is dialysed in the supplied dialysis cartridge to remove unwanted by-products. The hapten conjugate can then be easily recovered and used.
  • Easy to use
  • Hands on time only 20-30 seconds
  • All components supplied
  • Wide range of chemistries
  • Supplied dialysis cartridge for high yield recovery
  • Full technical support available
Available kits
9 variations of this kit based on the carrier protein and the functional groups to be conjugated to are provided:
Imm-Link Kit Carrier protein Target Functional Groups
Amine Immunogen Kits BSA Ovalbumin KLH Lysines or free amines (NH2)
Sulfhydryl Immunogen Kits BSA Ovalbumin KLH Cysteines or free sulfhydryl groups (SH)
Carboxyl Immunogen Kits BSA Ovalbumin KLH Glutamic Acid, Aspartic Acid or free carboxyl groups
Best Performance on the Violet Laser
Make your data more clear and more accurate!
BioLegend is proud to introduce Brilliant Violet 421™ antibody conjugates for your research. Brilliant Violet 421™ emits optimally at 421 nm, serving as a replacement for Pacific Blue™, Horizon™ V450, eFluor® 450, and Alexa Fluor® 405. Read more
Brilliant Choice
  • Extremely bright, exceptional photostability
  • Stable to paraformaldehyde fixation
  • Effective for surface and intracellular antigens
  • Nontoxic - for sorting or live cell imaging
  • Effective across a wide pH range
  • No special buffers required
  • Discrete excitation/emission spectra
Brilliant Performance
Brilliant Flow Cytometry
Brilliant Violet™ antibody conjugates will change the future of flow cytometry, bringing new power, unparalleled sensitivity and resolution to the violet laser. Excitable at 405 nm wavelength, these fluorochromes bring dramatic improvements in brightness and signal-to-noise over the current choices for the violet laser.
Brilliant Microscopy
Where BD Horizon™ V450, Pacific Blue™ and eFluor® 405 are just too dim for fluorescence microscopy, Brilliant Violet 421™ now enables visualization of antigens with directly conjugated antibodies.
View available Brilliant Violet conjugates
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