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Maximal transfection efficiency & low toxicity
METAFECTENE® EASY combines a simple and fast protocol with outstanding transfection efficiency (RMA Technology) and low toxicity (TOP Technology). METAFECTENE® EASY shows no serum inhibition and is the reagent of choice for sensitive cells.
The FEE Technology: Fast, Easy, Efficient
Thanks to the new FEE Technology, transfections can now be performed efficiently using a fixed DNA–lipid ratio and a fixed lipoplex volume for a broad range of cell types. This renders time–consuming optimization normally needed for each new cell type or new DNA obsolete.
Finish transfection procedure in 2.5 days:
Perform 2 assays per week!
The new transfection protocol METAFECTENE® EASY enables adherent cells to be seeded and transfected in a single day, lowering the time required for an assay from 4 days to 2.5 days. This enables users to perform 2 consecutive assays within a single working-week! High-throughput screenings also benefit from this time saving and can be performed with outstanding efficiency. Download Manual
Seed and transfect in a single day and perform 2 consecutive assays within a single working-week!
Cat# Product Qty CHF
T090-1.0 METAFECTENE® EASY 1 ml 421.00
T090-10.0 2 x 1 ml 812.00
T090-2.0 5 x 1 ml 1958.00
T090-25.0 10 x 1 ml 3770.00
T090-5.0 25 x 1 ml inquire
T090-50.0 50 x 1 ml inquire
Product Specifications
Application: Transfection of eukaryotic cells with DNA
Formulation: Cationic lipids with colipids in water
Assays: 200 (24-well) or 50 (6-well) per 1 ml reagent
Shipping: At room temperature
Storage: ≤ –15°C
Shelf Life: 1 year (after date of delivery)
Read details about Petaka™ Technology
Download Petaka™ Quick Protocol Brochure
Stem cell Protocols for Petaka™
How to harvest and seed cells from Petaka™
How to obtain single cell suspensions from Petaka™
Cat# Product Name Quantity CHF
TRAIN01 Celartia Training Kit 50 Petakas
6 stands
120 tips 
PET025 PetakaG3 25 /Case 232.00
PET300 300 /Case 2778.00
PET120 1200 /Case 10889.00
PET025ET PetakaET with Express Wipers 25 /Case 280.00
PET300ET 300 /Case 3350.00
PET120ET 1200 /Case 13131.00
TRAIN02 Celartia PetakaET Training Kit 300x PetakaET
1x ClearCell
360x Tips
PETST6R Petaka Stand Red 12 /Case 47.00
PETST6G Petaka Stand Green 12 /Case 47.00
PETST6B Petaka Stand Blue 12 /Case 47.00
PETST6O Petaka Stand Orange 12 /Case 47.00
PETST6P Petaka Stand Purple 12 /Case 47.00
PETST6Y Petaka Stand Yellow 12 /Case 47.00
PETST20 Petaka Stand (6x6 Colors) 36 /Case 139.00
PETTR10 Petaka Transporter - 11.00
TIP120 Celartia Tips Blunt 18 Gauge 120 /Case 19.00
CCLEAR1 ClearCell Magnetic Orbiter 1 /Case 903.00
CENT21 Centrifuge c/w Petaka Rotor 1 /Case 7462.00
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