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Quantibody® array is an array-based multiplex sandwich ELISA system for simultaneous quantitative measurement of the concentration of multiple cytokines in divers sample types. Read more...

  • High detection specificity & sensitivity
  • High-throughput
Setup of Quantibody® arrays
Unlike traditional ELISA, Quantibody products use array format. By arraying multiple cytokinespecific capture antibodies onto a glass support, multiplex detection of cytokines in one experiment is allowed. Technical notes
How it works  
  • Step 1: add sample, incubate 1hr, wash
  • Step 2: add detection antibody, incubate 1hr, wash
  • Step 3: add Streptavidin-Fluor conjugate, incubate 1hr, wash
  • Step 4: scan & analyze
Quantibody® Product Highlights

• Detect up to 40 cytokine concentrations in a single array
• To test serum, plasma, BAL, CSF, cond. media, body fluids
• Requires as little as 50μl of valuable sample
• High throughput: test hundreds of samples in a single day

• Get results the same day (4hr processing time)
• High detection sensitivity (equal to ELISA)
• High specificity and system reproducibility
• Flexibility: Choose from over 300 target proteins
• Signal stability: The signal on slides retains for years
• Simple Analysis: Q-Analyzer software for data computation

• Affordable and cost effective
Product & Price list of Quantibody® arrays
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Cat.#  Product Qty CHF 
41-903-100 Bovine Serum Albumin Fraction V (cell culture tested) 100gr 156.00
hESC & iPS Products
USDA-Grade FBS Qualified for hESC
When growing ES cells, one of the most important parameters is the maintenance of the cells in the undifferentiated state. Pre-screening of the serum is essential, therefore various lots of sera are screened for the growth of Human ES cells using MEF's as a feeder layer for 4 passages.
Cat.# Product Qty CHF
04-002-1A Certified Foetal Bovine Serum (FBS),Qualified for Human Embryonic stem (ES) cells 500ml 264.00
04-002-1B 100ml 60.00
04-222-1B Certified Foetal Bovine Serum (FBS), Heat Inactivated, Qualified for Human ES Cells 500ml 272.00
04-222-1A 100ml 62.00
NutriStem™ Media
For long-term culture of undifferentiated human ES and human iPS Cells. NutriStem™ hESC XF media enable the maintenance and expansion of undifferentiated human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) and human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) while maintaining the pluripotential nature. Download Nutristem Brochure
Cat.# Products Qty CHF
05-100-1A Nutristem hESC XF 
Xeno-Free medium for the growth of hESC and hiPSC culture, contains HSA
500ml 276.00
05-100-1B 100ml 69.00
05-102-1A AF Nutristem hESC XF
Xeno-Free medium optimized for use of hESC and hiPSC on feeder cells such as MEF or HFF. Without HSA
500ml 214.00
05-102-1B 100ml 54.00
Related hESC & iPS Products
Cat.# Products Qty CHF
05-720-1D Bio-Pure Human Serum Albumin (HSA), 10% solution
10ml 29.00
05-720-1E 50ml 130.00
05-720-1B 100ml 216.00
05-710-1D CryoStem™Cryopreservation Medium optimized for Stem Cells
10ml 22.00
05-710-1E 50ml 72.00


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