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Standard cloning
StarGate® is a fast and flexible high capacity combinatorial cloning system for recombinant protein expression beating other cloning systems with exceptional advantages: evaluate the best expression features for your gene!
• Easy one-tube subcloning procedure (1 hour)
• Extremely short combinatorial sites (≤ 2aa)
High cloning efficiency, protein expression & purity
• Systematic Acceptor Vector portfolio
• High throughput cloning
• Cost-effective

Fusion cloning
StarGate® fusion cloning is an optional intermediate step that allows easy and fast fusion of two genes.

Mutagenesis Technology
The StarGate Mutagenesis system allows the site-directed mutation of the gene of interest. The StarPrimerD’Signer software is included!

Magnet Assisted Transfection (MaTra)
MATra allows efficient transfection of cell lines with all types of nucleic acids. No disturbing of membrane architecture, no chromosomal damage, no holes in cell membrane!

Magnet Assisted Lipofection
Use Magnet Assisted Lipofection for a combination of MATra technology with lipofection!

Strep-tag®/Strep-Tactin® system
The undisturbing short Strep-tag® is ideally suited for fast & easy purification of highly pure and bioactive proteins

6x Histidine-tag technology
Purification of 6x Histidine-tag proteins by different formats of Ni-NTA chromatography

Double-tag proteins
Double-tag proteins
(e.g. Strep-tag® and 6xHistidine-tag) for highly pure and homogenous protein preparations

Protein complexes
Isolation of protein complexes at high purity without loosing transient binders using Strep-tag®II and One-STrEP-tag
  • Quick (15-20 minute) recovery of ultra-pure DNA from TAE or TBE-buffered agarose gels
  • DNA is eluted at high concentrations into minimal volumes (≥ 6µl) with no wash residue carryover
  • Eluted DNA is well suited for sequencing, ligation, PCR, labeling, restriction endonuclease digestions...
  • Omits the use of glass beads, organic denaturants, and proteinases
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Cat# Product Preps CHF
D4001S Zymoclean Gel DNA Recovery Sample Kit, Uncapped 10 free
D4001 Zymoclean Gel DNA Recovery Kit, Uncapped 50 120.00
D4002 200 418.00
D4007 Zymoclean Gel DNA Recovery Kit, Capped 50 120.00
D4008 200 436.00
D4021 ZR-96 Zymoclean Gel DNA Recovery Kit 2x96 330.00
D4022 4x96 630.00
D4045 Zymoclean Large Fragment DNA Recovery Kit 25 110.00
D4046 100 382.00
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