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DyLight-Conjugated Secondary Antibody
DyLight fluorescent dyes are a new family of dyes with improved brightness and photostability. They are better than or comparable to the best fluorescent dyes from other companies. GeneTex is proud to present a new line of secondary antibodies conjugated to DyLight dyes. Our conjugated secondaries are available in emission spectrums ranging from 350 nm to 800 nm (IR), giving you the full spectrum of colors to choose from! More...
Product Spotlight
The Acetylated Lysine antibody detects acetylation on lysine residues of proteins and peptide, which is one example of post-translational modification and is performed by a variety of acetyl transferases in the cell. Post-translational modification of proteins and peptides is a robust way to regulate function of existing proteins or peptides. Histone acetyl-transferases (HATs) are universal regulators of eukaryotic transcriptional activity and emerging therapeutic targets for human diseases.
New in March
Name Cat. #
ALK6 (BMPR1B), Active B05-11G
Anti-Acetylated Lysine L95-66R
Anti-Methylated Arginine (NG,NG-Di-methyl) A96-67R
Anti-Methylated Arginine (NG-Mono-methyl) A95-67R
Anti-Methylated Lysine (Tri-ε-N-methyl) L95-67R
Anti-Phosphoserine (Anti-pS) S95-65R
Anti-Phosphothreonine (Anti-pT) T95-65R
Anti-Phosphotyrosine (Anti-pY) T96-65R
HPK1, Active M23-11G
NLK, Active N15-10G
PDE12 Protein P100-30G
PIP4K2C, Active P76-10CG
SIRT3, Active S37-38G
SMYD2 Protein S348-31BG
SRMS, Active S20-11G
STK39 (STLK3), Active S51-10H
VRK2, Active V02-11G
Isoform Specific Antibodies, Primary Antibodies, Secondary Antibodies, Tag Antibodies
Cell Signaling Reagents
Acetyltransferase Proteins, Cellular Proteins, Peptide Substrates, Reagents, Sirtuin Proteins, Unactive Kinases
Active Histone Deacetylases, Active Kinases, Active Phosphatases, Active Phosphodiesterases
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